Kiss of the Highlander

Kiss of the Highlander - Karen Marie Moning Gwen Cassidy comes to Scotland with her friend and her husband on a much needed vacation. Although at a reasonable price, she is surround by elderly folk that tend to gossip and no hope of finding the right man. Gwen is lonely and tired of being in that state. When she falls down a ravine, on a hike, she lands on top of a man, the most sensual man she has ever seen. They share a passionate embrace, and stirs up her inner desires that she has never felt before, but so different from any other man she has ever met. Now Dustran realizes that he is no longer in the 16th century Scotland, but has somehow traveled forward in time to the 21st century, with no memory of it, and starts feeling out of control and more lost than ever, until the love of a good woman changed him forever.Kiss of the Highlander is the fourth in the Highlander series written by Karen Marie Moning. And as far as this series goes, this was definitely one hell of a ride, and at the top of my personal favorites list. This love story was filled with so many surprises that I could hardly keep up with the story( but in a really great way...of course) The plot was very intense and dramatic, filled with passion and adventure....from beginning to end a remarkable love story, that truly had me from the first page. The characters were riveting and real for the reader, and a roller coaster of emotional results, a perfect mix of a wonderfully written romance! Definitely one of my favorites to read, and I couldn't put this down.....