The Dark Highlander

The Dark Highlander - Karen Marie Moning Daegus MacKelter having to suffer with thirteen evil druids that possess him, and him trying to hold onto his humanity. Daegus lives in the life of intense sexual desires and is the only way for him to find relief. Having lived for centuries, he finds the unexpected in Chloe Zanders, a woman unlike any other, a innocent in all the sense of the word. Daegus having only affiliated himself with the most experienced and maturity of women in the matters of sexual matters, is both intrigued and enthralled by Chloe and the unexpected hold that she has on him. Chloe an expert on antiquities, delivers something highly valuable within her sphere, however she despises the fact that she has to be the one to deliver it. Well certain events occur, where Daegus takes Chloe captive within his home, trying to find a way to get the thirteen druids out of him. However when all of this is taking place, he starts to fall in love with Chloe, something he never expected to feel for anyone, but he does for her. But a certain journey will enfold them and test their love through time and space.

I truly loved reading Daegus and Chloe's story, I have really loved reading this series, and having seen them in other books I just wanted to read their story. I have to say I was fully satisfied when the book ended, but still more and more of the story since I loved it so much. It had a sense of thrilling adventure and passion throughout the book, and it definitely kept me at the edge. The main characters were strong and intense and just like Moning always does them, and reaches out to the reader. Chloe is a pure innocent, especially in the sex department, but Daegus is more than happy to teach her. After having thirteen evil spirits within him, the only way to help him feel more human, is to have intense sexual pleasure, but things change upon meeting Chloe. Chloe at first finds Daegus enticing yet dangerous. There is a pull between them that Chloe feels intensely, and there is a inner part of her where she knows that she doesn't want to resist him. Chemistry fires up between Daegus and Chloe from the beginning, as well the seed of true love the reader that we see grows and become strong throughout the story. If you love Paranormal romances then this one is for you, Karen Marie Moning has done it again!