Bloodfever - Karen Marie Moning So I debated sharing my summary of this one, and decided not too, there isn't too much that changes from the first book. It starts off from the last book, and I was hoping there would be a little more romance in it, but yet again I was disappointed on the romance level. Bloodfever didn't stand out to me, but I think I liked it slightly more than the first one, since it didn't take as long to get through it. I think I knew what I was expecting from the first book, so I was more prepared for this one. The writing style is very moning, however it will take a while to get used to her change of how she is writing fiction now. Maybe the romance will escalate in the later books (I am crossing my fingers). Despite my reservations for this story, I did try to go into with a positive attitude. I did enjoy the tension that puts a punch in this story. We still have two men involved with Mac. Jericho is still as mysterious as ever or even more so now. Vlane, we see a little bit, but not as much as I expected to see especially from the first book. There is a bit of progression in Mac's character, but I still have a difficulty truly liking her. She is admirable at times, but I feel like she complains way too much. I did feel like there were only subtle differences in the plot, from the previous book. So I am hoping that Faefever will have more surprises in store for me than this one was for me. I know this review is pretty negative, especially compared to other reviews I have written, but I am still having a hard time adjusting to this series that is so opposite from her highlander series (which I 5 star recommend). I am enjoying this Fae world that Moning has created, and it has definitely been full of thrills all the way. Overall a action packed story, that if you are looking for a fiction based story with a dangerous world of Fae creatures, with darkness every corner, and no one to trust....than this book is for you!!