The Darkest Whisper

The Darkest Whisper - Gena Showalter Sabin, is bound by the Demon of Doubt, who is always there whispering to him and everyone else around him doubts about themselves, so Sabin, refuses to let anyone get real close to him especially any women, then he ends up rescuing Gwendolyn, the Timid, a Harpy, although very different from her kind. Gwen, also a immortal, and a harpy, has always tried to hide that part of herself, because when her harpy is free she does unimaginable things, where everyone that surrounds her is dead. After being captured for a year, she is afraid to contact her sisters, whom are harpies but have always been there to protect her, but afraid they will despise her for past mistakes, not realizing how strong their sisterly bond truly is. Then she gets rescued by Sabin, and taken back to his sanctuary and home with his brethren who are just as cursed with demons as he is, and finds a deep and abiding love in Sabin, and that despite everything going on around them, love can conquer all, even the whisperings of doubt!
The Darkest Whisper is the fourth in the Lord of the Underworld series, and this is Sabin's story, who holds the Demon of Doubt. Although this series isn't my favorite of this author, its such a exciting and intriguing one, and I have truly loved reading this series so far, its been a intense ride that for sure, and The Darkest Whisper is one of my favorites of the series. Although Maddox's story is at the highest top of favorites, Sabin is probably next in line. I loved every aspect of this story from the exciting plot, to the adventure, to the heated passion, and the tender love that grows between Sabin and Gwen. I found these two to be such a perfect match for one another, and they compliment each other so well. With Gwen able to distinguish the difference between her own thoughts and doubt, and the fact that when her harpy comes out, Doubt hides, since Doubt is afraid of Harpies. And how Sabin is the only one that can calm her harpy when she is out, which no one has been able to do that Gwen remembers. I have found the each book in the series so far is different yet special as they are so unique from one another! A true romance that will have you eager for more and more from this author.