A Whisper of Roses

A Whisper of Roses - Teresa Medeiros The Cameron and the MacDonnell Clan have been enemies for generations. Sabrina Cameron was tormented when she was young by none other than the Morgan MacDonnell. She hasn't seen him in years, when she comes to face him once more when his father came to make truce between the two clans. To Sabrina, Morgan has changed much, apart from him still calling her "brat" he is a strong, handsome and virile man that stirs up a hidden sensuality she didn't even know she really had. When his father is killed by someone unknown, all truce is called off. Events occur in which Morgan ends up in the dungeon and is released when he agree's to marry Sabrina as a truce between the two clans. Sabrina is horrified when her father announces her future marriage to Morgan. Sabrina feels betrayed by her father, since she is his only daughter and has dreamed of a love that her parents share. But she agree's because she knows that she honestly has no choice in the matter. At first their relationship is withdrawn and cold, since they see each other as enemies of a sort. Morgan believes someone from the Cameron clan murdered his father, yet it is very hard for him to hate Sabrina. She stirs a fire within his body and heart that he can't deny.

I truly enjoyed reading this one, albeit a bit different than other books that I have read from her. I fell in love with both characters, it was a enjoyable read. You have Morgan who after his father's death has become chief of his clan, responsible for however few there are. When he spent time as a young lad with the Cameron's he wanted Sabrina to hate him so she wouldn't see how much he truly liked her. Now that they are both grown up, Morgan can no longer deny his true feelings for her. Sabrina, although tormented by Morgan as a young girl, could never hate him no matter how hard she tried. She just was able to sense something about it, and her heart softened toward him. Now as she see's him a handsome man that takes her breath away with his kisses, she utterly wants him despite the fact that she was forced into the marriage. Even though they fight are argue constantly, so do they kiss and carress and she finds a way into his guarded heart. There were certain parts about this book that I didn't like toward the end, the story just didn't flow as well, at least for me, but at the very end is started to turn around as it was for the rest of the book. It had deep strong characters that were well portrayed, I wish that the surrounding scenes were better described, but other than a couple of things, I truly enjoyed reading it. It had a deep emotion to it, and a plot that just thickens the more you get into it.