The Vampire Who Loved Me

The Vampire Who Loved Me - Teresa Medeiros Portia Cabot, once saved the life of Julian Kane, a vampire and one who has been searching for his soul, so that he can be mortal once more. Its been years since he has seen his family and Portia sister-in-law to his brother. So when he sees her coming for him in a gambling hell, all the emotion he once felt for her comes riding back like a ocean current and he knows he must protect her, especially against those that would just as soon kill her, a ex lover and a woman who has possession of his soul, a very ancient vampiress. Portia knows that despite the fact that they haven't heard from Julian in years, there is still much good in him, and her intent is to save him once more, with all the love she has always held for him.....
The Vampire Who Loved Me is the second in the Cabot series, and this is probably one of my favorite series by Teresa Medieros. This is a author that I have come to adore over the years of reading her books, and I fall in love with each and every one of her stories, and this is a re read and its been quite a while since I had read it, and I love historicals mixed with the paranormal (which can be hard to find at times) The Vampire Who Loved Me is a emotional and tender love story that will pull at your heartstrings with every page. Its such a story that even though filled with twists and turns, definitely a memorable story and a pure delight!!!

My Favorite Quote
"A lifetime won't be long enough to love you. I told you once before that whether I was a vampire or a man, I would love you for all eternity." He touched his lips to her brow. "My bright eyes"