Masked by Moonlight

Masked by Moonlight - Nancy Gideon "Oh baby," she purred, her hand stroking the gear shift in a way that made him go all hot and cold. " I like things that are fast, dangerous, and wickedly sexy," she crooned, then grinned at Max. "That's why I like you."

Charlotte Caissie is a police detective based in New Orleans, and is on the hunt for the man who almost killed herself and her close friends, and who is responsible for the murder of her father. And the one man who is her link to Legere is Max Savoire, but matters between herself and Max are a bit complicated. They have a bit of intense history, and she knows she can't afford to trust him or let him melt the ice around her heart, because his only loyalty is to Legere. Max Savoire is much more than a man, and only two men known who he truly is, and one of them is Legere, who raised him. After his mother was murdered, he stayed by her side and protected her from any who threatened him. Legere found him after days of hunger and exhaustion, and took him into his home, gave him shelter and taught him everything he knows. Legere is more like a father to him, and trusts him even though he knows that Legere has done some evil acts. When he finds himself clashing with Charlotte, he finds that his loyalties are starting to split. He doesn't know who he really is anymore, and whom he can trust his heart and soul to. Will it be the only father he has ever known or the one woman who hold his heart?

This is not the first time I have read Masked By Moonlight. I bought this book when it first came out a few years ago, right around the time I first started blogging, but for some reason, I didn't do a review for it. I don't know why, so after reading a book by this author, Prince Of Shadows, lately I have been wanting to read this series, and I thought why not read the first book, so I can get a fresher look at the series and start from book one. The first four books are focused on this couple- Max and Charlotte, and this book is our first introduction to them. Masked By Moonlight is a story about a couple that has to fight and learn to trust and compromise even though they love each other to desperation. You see how they fight what they feel for the majority of the book, and you almost want to scream at them, and shout accept it already and just trust in each other. LOL However when does that ever happen right? The story begins with a act of violence and murder. Which sets the stage for the plot pretty well, with intensity and intrigue. Then you see Charlotte come into the scene to investigate, and has a run in with Max, and the story sets off.

Both of the characters are pretty strong willed, passionate and fighters. Usually I am a bit picky about my strong heroines. There are times I feel like the heroine comes off too strong, but I felt that Nancy Gideon put some balance to Charlotte. Even though she has been through some rough times, is a cop and detective, and has a tough shell, she also is tender hearted, and I liked seeing the softer side to her at times. For most of the story she is always fighting Max, and has ulterior motives, basically using sex to get to his boss, which is very underhanded, when Max genuinely wants her in his life. Honestly, I fell in love with Max from the beginning, and I couldn't help but be empathetic to his situation. Max doesn't know any other life than what Legere has shown him. Max is a werewolf shifter, and believes himself to be the only one. We see the introduction of a were clan, and you see how the plot slightly changes, and I enjoyed seeing the way the relationship develops, as the plot thickens to the point of bursting.

Overall a stimulating paranormal romance that will set your teeth on edge from the first page. I fully recommend this to any lover of paranormal romance with a hint of suspense and intrigue and a sexy shifter, with a dark past. A fast page turner, with compelling characters, and a story to leave you breathless!!! WORTH EVERY MOMENT!!!

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