The Golden Barbarian

The Golden Barbarian - Iris Johansen This timeless love story starts out with the willful and independent Princess Theresa Christina Rubinoff has been in a convent for quite some time now. When her cousin Sacha gets her out, she is relieved to say the least. However she doesn't want to have to go back to court and face her father once again. Tess and her father have always rubbed the wrong way to say the least, since Tess is a free spirit, her father has always been a bit harsh with her. However when Galen Ben Raschid convinces Tess to marry him and bear him a son to help him unite with the other tribe leaders, and then she will be free to go anywhere she wants after her three years are up, she agrees. Having ached for being able to be free to choose her own path in life, much more desirable than the plan her father would have set for her. However, she never realized how much her life would change once being married to a barbarian chieftain whose way of life is very different from what she is accustomed to. But despite all the dangers surrounding them, there is a profound love that will blossom beneath the desert sun.

I truly enjoyed reading The Golden Barbarian, and it flew by so quickly, and by the end I was disappointed that the story was over, I was wanting more and more, but a book can only last so long right? Its been quite some time since I have read anything from Iris Johansen, and after reading this one I am eager for more of her books. I love her historicals, she has such a talent to portray the historic events and scenery surround the story, and it comes alive for the reader. Its very exhilirating for me, to read this one, because I felt so enraptured like I was actually in the story and seeing it all come to reality. The characters and the plot are so vividly written it really astounded me about how much I was drawn into it.