Street Game

Street Game - Christine Feehan Mack McKinley, leader of one of the teams of Ghostwalkers, on a op, he finds Jaimie, the one woman who has held his heart. All of his team including to women who includes Jaimie, grew up together on the streets. But when Mack made a mistake years ago with Jaimie, she left him and with her his heart. Jaimie, even though it killed her to leave Mack, she knew it would be for the best, needing more out of a relationship than based on sex, she wanted and needed love, and never felt that she could find that from Mack, but then now that she has built a life for herself, doing what she loves, Mack and his brothers have found her. Mack is shocked to see Jaimie in a place he least expected, and is now more determined to keep her in his matter what is at stake he plans on keeping her....
Street Game is the eight installment in the Ghostwalker series. I just love Christine Feehan, and she is my favorite paranormal author. The Ghostwalker series are thrilling and exciting, and never a dull moment. Street Game is where we learn about another Ghostwalker team, that grew up together on the streets, learning to survive with only each other at their backs. They are all Ghostwalkers, and I loved how tightly knit they all are. Jaimie and Mack have been lovers before, but now fate has brought them together once more, where danger and intrigue are all the more intense, and the desire between them even more so than before. Such a thrilling love story, so action packed that it left me breathless till the very end!!!!
My Favorite Quote
"Like hell. Like hell I'll stay away from you." He stepped closer, his breath coming in ragged gasps. He burned for her. Every moment of every day. He couldn't think straight without her. She still his mind. Made him human.