Men in Kilts

Men in Kilts - Katie MacAlister Kathie William, a mystery fiction writer , heads to England for a writers conference. During the conference she meets up with the most handsome and enticing man she has ever met in her lonely life. Kathie has never been one to take physical attraction lightly, she will get emotionally involved. After sharing a passionate night with this enticing stranger, she knows that she wants to spend as much time with him as she possibly can, never knowing if it will last or not. At first Kathie assumes that for him this is just a fling, but for Kathie, her emotions are definitely involved. Then she goes up to Scotland with Iain to this sheep farm and to meet his two sons. At this point all Kathie really knows is that she is falling for this Scot. Despite the fact that things are looking bright for them both, there are always obstacles in their path of true happiness, that will surely test them, but will it destroy or only make their bond that much stronger?

If I had to say one phrase of what this book was it would be "A Breath of Fresh Air", and I definitely had a hard time putting this one down, and I was on VACATION lol. So it definitely was one that I loved and definitely could be considered a re read for sure. I really enjoyed reading Katie MacAlister, her writing is so sexy yet fun too, that anyone can enjoy themselves reading her books. Both Kathie and Iain were both a delight to get to know throughout this fun fun story, and also I loved the surrounding as well. I have always loved reading anything that takes place in Scotland. I don't get to read too many modern romances that take place with the Scots. So its always fun to read these kind of stories. I don't read too many contemporaries, I am more of a fan of historical and the paranormal, and a bit time travel. But there are a few contemporary authors that I really enjoy reading from, and Katie MacAlister is definitely one of those! Also one other aspect I truly loved about reading this book, is that Kathie and Iain are so very different, definitely takes a new meaning to "opposites attract". Imagine if you will, a true born Scot, that comes into a relationship with a modern American woman, there is definitely misunderstandings that will definitely occur between this couple, but its way amusing to watch these two interact with one another.