Dark Celebration

Dark Celebration - Christine Feehan Dark Celebration is a bit different than the other books within the Dark Series. However I have read this book quite frequently from the library, and I thought it was about time to do a review on it. For those of you who don't know much or really none about this series, let me explain it a bit for you. The Carpathian series, is a paranormal series, very similar to vampires, however Carpathians are a bit different from vampires. The Carpathian race is dying out, they are a honorable race, however they are bound to be extinct. In this world that Christine Feehan has created, Carpathians males are very "alpha" so it can be very enjoyable at time and humorous to read. But the males have a darkness within them, and if they don't find their lifemates, then they will eventually turn vampire and lose their souls. So in each of the books, its about how each Carpathian male finds his lifemate, and trust me their lifemates are independent, strong willed spitfires, and its amusing to watch the couple come together. In this book, its a Christmas celebration, where all the Carpathians, especially the couples and their children come together. Its one of my favorites of the Dark Series, and those that have read this one already will probably agree with me. Its definitely full of amusing wit, suspensful action and intrigue, intense passion and a tender story of coming together as a united species.