Ain't Myth-Behaving

Ain't Myth-Behaving - Katie MacAlister This books is filled with two short stories, so I will do the summary and review of each.

Stag Party
This starts out with Dane Hearne who is the god Cernannos, after his fiancee leaves him in the dust. Every year he is required to get married to atleast someone, even if its the same one. However this year, if he doesn't marry than he will no longer be a god and having lived so long he will die. Then he stumbles across Megan St Clair, who is there for a job and to see the site with her crew. After meeting her Dane knows that he wants her for his wife however there is one milestone that he has to get past, is convincing her to marry him and become his goddess. After Megan meets handsome and irresistable Dane, she knows there is a lot more to him than he appears to be. There is also a undeniable attraction between them that neither of them can deny.
I have always loved reading stories involving the Greek myths of their gods, its always been fascinating to me. So when I started reading this story, I just fell in love. Although I wish that it could have been spread out a bit further and not so short, but that's what happens with short stories most times. I loved the plot and the characters, who were witty and fun. But it seemed to me that things just went by too fast, especially how fast she accepted the truth and how fast they fell in love with each other. It kinda seemed off to me, but for the most part I really enjoyed this story, it had a sassy edge to it, and plus made me laugh frequently.

Norse Truly
In the second story in this book, it begins with Brynna Lund driving down the coast, when she ends up accidently crashing her car in the ocean, and is then picked up by some very old, but cursed vikings, who think she is the key to their salvation, and the breaking of the curse. At first when she meets Alrik, she thinks she is dreaming, but after spending time with him and his crew, she realizes that she is awake and it is reality, even though there is a part of her that is doubtful. Through a series of adventures she comes to realize how much Alrik means to her, and that she never wants to let him go, even though she knows he deserves it.

Now this story was a bit different from the first one, which involves cursed Vikings, who stir up things for Brynna. If I had to pick out of these two I would pick this one, it was my type of love story. Even though it was a bit too short for me, but after certain events happen to Brynna, which leads to her falling in love with Alrik. I loved both of these characters, Brynna has been the only one in her family withheld from certain information, and she takes it all in pretty well considering the circumstances she is faced with. Alrik, having been cursed on the sea on his Viking ship for hundreds of years, years for Valhalla, and to be released from this terrible curse. When he meets Brynna, however things change for both of them, when they realize how much they care for one another. Of course I loved this story, and it had a emotional ring to it, and made me cry at the end, but in this case were definitely happy tears, and not cheesy (at least not for me)