Shadow of the Vampire

Shadow of the Vampire - Meagan Hatfield Shadow Of The Vampire begins with the King of Dragon, Declan Black, but then he gets captured by the princess of the Vampires, Alexia Feodorovna, when she discovers he has come out for revenge for his parents deaths. But Alexia knows after Declan's capture that he knows the location to a certain crystal that holds certain powers, and knows that she must have it if she is to claim the throne and lead her people to peace with the Dragons, however when she comes to Declan to question him one thing leads to another and they find each other in a passionate embrace. Even though Declan has always despised the Vampires especially after what was done to his parents, there is a difference in Alexia, and he knows that there is a explosive desire that is building between them admixt the danger that is surrounding them.

Shadow Of The Vampire is written by Megan Hatfield, and this is the first book that I have read from her and I just loved loved loved reading this book. I was lucky to get obtain a copy to review, and I plan on reading more from this author. Some of the things that I really loved about this book, was that one I love stories involving dragons, and so that was definitely a plus for this one. Another reason, is that I loved the characters throughout the book. Alexia, is the princess of the Vampires, but has been put through a more solitary life with just soldiers and her mother and her companion by her side. Now she has had to learn to learn ways of torturing to gain information, but when she is told that she must torture this Dragon Lord whose eyes stir her up inside, she resists having to torture him especially after exchanging such sensual embraces, where he stirs sensations that she never thought she could ever have thought existed. But she knows that she could never willingly harm him when she finds herself falling in love with the Dragon Lord who has taken hold of her heart, and knows that there isn't a way for them to be together. I found Shadow Of The Vampire to be a sensation and thrilling read, that had me on the edge of my seat in anticipation on what was going to happen next, and since I read this E Book style, it took me awhile to get it read, but once I got involved in the story, I read it in one day, which is a testament to how much I truly have loved this story, one of my favorite paranormal romances so far! So hooyah for Meagan Hatfield and her talent at bringing her stories to life for her readers!!