Dark of Night

Dark of Night - Suzanne Brockmann When Nash gets injured, in order to find those that are after him, Decker and Tess decide to fake his death, so it looks like Nash is truly dead. Nash is sorely injured and must take some time to recover before he can go out searching for those that want him killed. So with Jules Cassidy and his husband Robin's help, they conceal Nash to a safe location that is more like a fortress than anything else. But when Decker goes to Tess and Jimmy's apartment to collect some of Nash's things, he comes across Tracey Shapiro, the receptionist for Troubleshooters, only she has figured out that Jimmy Nash is still alive, and knowing that he can't afford to let her go, he plans on bringing her to the safe house, and basically hold her prisoner until the situation can be resolved. But what Decker never thought would happen is that he would find the attraction between him and Tracey to be quite explosive. Everyone else that Decker works with treats him like a God, invincible, but Tracey, doesn't. Tracey, opinionated and stubborn fights with him every chance she gets, and he finds her irresistible to resist, and knows he is falling head over heels in love with this one woman that undermines all her defenses when it comes to finding happiness, despite the danger circling around them.

Dark Of Night we have the appearance of Nash, Decker and Tess Bailey. After being nearly killed and his fiancee put in danger, he knows he needs to find those who are after them at any cost, despite the fact that he is severely injured. But he also knows that he must confide in Tess over what he has truly done in his past, but is afraid that she will hate him for his past actions, and their love will be put to the test. Decker refuses to let more than a handful of people know that Nash is truly alive, so that they can find those that are out to assasinate him. But when he comes across Tracey Shapiro, he wonders if the enemy has also figured out the truth. But the more time he spends with Tracey, the more he realizes that she is more than she seems. Beautiful, smart, and able to get to the heart of him, he knows she is everything he could ever expect to find, and the key to his happiness that has always eluded him for many years. Dark of Night is the fourteenth in the Troubleshooters series, and I have found the Suzanne Brockmann just keeps getting better the more of the books that she writes, and I just loved being able to see Nash and Tess in Dark of Night, and see what happens when the truth comes out and how strong their love can be throughout the most hardest of trials that will test their love.