Water Bound

Water Bound - Christine Feehan Rikki, a diver in Sea Haven, is a woman that enjoys solitude and has a affinity with the sea and its elements. So when she went diving she ends up rescuing Lev Prekenskii, who has no memory of his past, and almost kills her viewing her as a threat. After he realizes who she really is, she takes him home with her. At first Rikki has a hard time with Lev so close to her, but amazingly she adjusts to his presence in her home and she is drawn to this enigmatic man that has wakened up every cell in her body. As their relationship intensifies, so does the danger that threatens them both and Rikki's family and all that she holds dear. Only when she learns to trust in her own abilities and in the man who has stolen her heart, will she be able to survive the inescapable tide.
Ever since I read the Drake Sisters Series, and when I read Turbulent Sea, I wondered if Christine Feehan would work on the Prakenskii brothers, and I am happy to say that this series: Sisters of the Heart deals with each Prakenskii brother and each sister that has formed such a close bond to each other, even though they aren't related by blood, they are sisters at the heart. Water Bound is the first installment in this series, and just as enjoyable as every one of Feehan's books. I found both of the characters charming. The plot had me from the first page until the very last, leaving me satisfied yet I can hardly wait for the second one "Spirit Bound". I think one of the things that I loved about this story was how much Lev and Rikki need love more than anyone, and they need that strong connection to one another. A True Romance filled with danger, passion and magic!