Savage Dream

Savage Dream - Cassie Edwards Maria Zamora has always felt a attraction to Shadow, the Navajo chief. However her father has forbidden her from ever speaking him or seeing him. But when she overhears a angry argument between her father and Shadow, she is caught and end up meeting him, and knows that she will never be the same again. But then she ends up becoming his prisoner, for revenge against her father. But after she spends some time with Shadow, she finds out some truths about her father, and comes to the realization that Shadow is in the right, after her father steals Shadow's people and treats them as slaves. Now Maria is Shadow's love slave, and finds such sweet passion in his arms, and a love so great that she would sacrifice anything to be with Shadow and share his life with him. But will their love be enough to heal all past betrayals and wounds.Savage Dream is part of Cassie Edwards Savage Series. Savage Dream is one of my favorite book that I have yet to read from this astounding author. I don't get to read Native American books very often, however when I do I always fall in love with these types of stories. I find that they are tender love stories filled with adventure and passion that could satisfy any romantic heart. I also fell in love with both of these wonderfully portrayed characters. Maria is a young woman that longs for a love that she knows she will find in Shadow's arms, but not knowing that the adventure she will find at his side will be alot more than she would ever imagine. Shadow at first is bent on revenge and justice, however once he takes Maria as his captive, he starts to change, where she becomes the priority in his life. I found the plot to this story to be full of excitement, adventure, passion, and a love so tender it will be a tear to your eye until the very end. So if your looking for a great love story that will keep you on edge and filled with surprises then this is the one for you, Cassie Edwards has definitely written another powerfully written love story.