A Quick Bite

A Quick Bite - Lynsay Sands Lissianna Argeneau even though she is a Immortal, faints at the sight of blood, so she has to feed from mortals for sustenance. When she heads to her mother's home for her birthday party, she finds that in her old bedroom a man in her bed, tied wide eagled. To say Lissianna is surprised is a understatement. Dr. Gregory Hewitt finds himself waking up in a strangers bed room, tied to the bed and then see's a gorgeous woman. Gregory is told that he is to be Lissianna's birthday gift. Lissianna is shocked to discover a stranger in her bed, not only that but she can't read his mind, which is even more puzzeling to her. But then her mother informs her that he is not for her to feed on or even have sex with, he is to help her cure her of her phobia of seeing blood. But Greg is much more irresistable that she would imagine, and she finds it difficult to resist him.A Quick Bite is the first in the Argeneau series, and here is Lissianna's story. This is where we get introduced into this series and I found the plot and the characters to be endearing. I loved the whole concept of the hero being kidnapped and tied to the heroines bed. I mean its definitely a great start for a romance, especially with Lynsay Sands at the helm. I found A Quick Bite to be a engaging and fun read, and definitely a hard one to put down. I just loved the plot and the characters equally. It was just a enjoyable read and very witty and full of everything that Sands puts in her books, and she delivers with A Quick Bite!

My Favorite Quote:
"What the hell," he breathed "There are worse things than being a sex slave"