Taken by the Prince

Taken by the Prince - Christina Dodd When Victoria first meets Saber, she doesn't believe that he is a true prince planning on taking back his kingdom that was stolen away from his family. Victoria is now a governess and meets Saber again after three years of distance but her feelings for him haven't changed. Saber can't afford for his plans or his true identity to be revealed while he is planning the revolution so he takes Victoria prisoner in his castle and where some of his people are taking refuge. Victoria is the one woman that says 'no' to Saber and isn't afraid of standing up to his family or to him for that matter, and her beauty has always held him captive and is earnest in his desire for her, and even though he knows that love was beaten out of him, he wants Victoria in his life...forever. Taken By The Prince by Christina Dodd is the ninth installment in the governess series. The moment I saw the cover and the blurb I couldn't resist reading it. It was the first unread book to be read on my Nook and I just loved every moment of it and couldn't stop reading, it kept me so enthralled from beginning to end. I found Victoria to be easy to relate with, tough but still has a gentle spirit, one who is full of courage and passion. Saber is utterly irresistable, rough exterior but needs love more than any other because he hasn't had much of it and has lost much in his young life. I was completely charmed with this love story that can just make you melt yet cheer for these two.....a well worth read, and one I plan on reading again for sure!!!! A Keeper!!!