Dragon Actually

Dragon Actually - G.A. Aiken Annwyl, is a warrior and a leader and nothing defeats her. Having to never show any sign of weakness to anyone, she has had to remain strong, knowing that she must be able to destroy her brother, who has destroyed many innocent lives. Then Annwyl is injured in battle, an Fearghus, a dragon comes and swoops down and carries her to his cave and sanctuary to care for her while she heals. Fearghus has never cared about humans, and Annwyl is the only one he is starting to have genuine feelings for. He desires to help train her for her fight against her brother, and is determined to make sure that she stays in his life, desires more than anything that she love him for himself as both a dragon and in his human form...
Dragon Actually is the first installment in the Dragon Kin series, and I just randomly picked it up from a shelf from the library...I wasn't even looking for it and I can hardly wait to read the rest of the books in the series. I found myself in some kind of enthrallment when I started reading this one, and I couldn't pull myself away. Usually for this type of book...I can...I sometimes have a hard time with tough heroines, and one that loves killing more than anything...I wondered before I started reading how much I would enjoy it...but I was definitely wrong...because I just loved it! It was definitely unexpected, but I found both main characters to have a lot of depth to their personalities....and the more you got further into the book, the more you just fell in love with them. There was also a tender sensuality side to it that just drew you in to their passion. Seeing the family of Fearghus was also fun and entertaining, and there were many laughs in the story line as well....A True Keeper!!!