To Desire a Devil

To Desire a Devil - Elizabeth Hoyt Beatrice, is shocked when Reynaud drops in, confused and in a rage, expecting to come back and find his title and home ready for him. Beatrice, is the niece of the present Earl, and is amazed that he is alive. Having viewed his portrait many times, she finds him around even hurt, exciting and filling her with such need...Reynaud, only knows of his past and doesn't believe he has any family or friends left that he can trust. The only one he seems to be able to believe in is Beatrice, who is lovely inside as she is out and knows that despite her loyalty to her uncle, she can help him regain his title and lands again and a future...To Desire A Devil is the last installment in the Four Soldier Series. I really enjoyed the earlier books in the series, and even though I found this one a entertaining and sizzling was far from my favorite. I found Reynaud too selfish at times, but I admired Beatrice and for standing up to him and not being afraid of his certain savageness. I did enjoy the plot, and I loved the side story of Beatrice's friend...Overall I found To Desire A Devil to be a heated story filled with heated scenes, intriguing plot full of mystery and suspense, and a tender love story