To Beguile a Beast

To Beguile a Beast - Elizabeth Hoyt Helen, running from past mistakes with her two children, she heads up to Scotland, to be the housekeeper for a beast of a man. Although Helen has no idea what she is really doing, she wants to have a new start for both herself and her children. Alistair, is a recluse because of the scars on his face, where even both children and adults run in fear from him. However Helen is not afraid in the least by Alistair, she is very intrigued by him and despite the scars on his face, finds him mesmerizing. A passion starts to form between these two both in need of companionship, tenderness and love....and right when they think that they might have a future together, the past comes to bite them and only their love for each other, to fight will get them through to help them find a future for each other...
To Beguile A Beast is the third installment in this series. I have just loved this series, and this was the last one of this great series for me to read, and even though I read this one last (when its not the last in the series) it ended great!!! Ever since seeing Helen in the previous book...I was excited to read her story, and I wasn't disappointed with To Beguile A Beast. I found a hard time putting this one down from the very first page. I found the story to be enticing, the characters full of depth and endearing, and the romance riveting!!! Definitely a high rating on my scale!!! I loved it!!!