Never Seduce a Scot

Never Seduce a Scot - Maya Banks When the King demands that two waring clans be united through marriage, both families are outraged and shocked. When Graeme, hears the decree, he has no idea how he will go through with it, knowing that he vowed to himself years ago that he would get revenge for his father's death, especially knowing the rumors he has heard about his future wife. Eveline, when she learns that she must marry, she knows that she will have no choice, even though she has no idea how she could leave her clan, her family, where she has been protected and loved by her family. However from the first moment she sees him, she knows her life will change.....Graeme when first meeting Eveline, notices that she is different, not addled in any way, but there is something special about her, and he knows he can do no other than see to her welfare and happiness....Eveline hides a terrible secret that she even kept from her family, and now it seems that she will have to keep it from the one man who awakens a desire in her with his caresses, and who opens up her heart to love...
I have to say WOW!!! I just loved Never Seduce A Scot, the best of Maya Banks work so far!!! I just loved everything about this book. I was thrilled when I was able to get a copy and immerse myself in its pages. As far as historical romances go....this tops the list!!! The romance in this story was so precious and tender at times, I wanted to cry....the story line was full of surprises and flowed beautifully from beginning to end. The characters were very endearing and likeable. Graeme, was the perfect alpha male, but at the same time had a tender side. Even though he hates Eveline's clan, he always treats her with tenderness and care, it just breaks your heart, Eveline is just a sweetheart, and has been dealt a hard hand early in her life, however she is full of life and gives everyone the benefit of a doubt even though she is in 'Enemy Territory'. Eveline really appealed to me because she wasn't one of those heroines that fight every step of the way, she accepted her duty with dignity, and has such a sweet nature that you can't help but like her and you just want to cheer her on when she gets spine and stands up for herself too. Overall a powerfully written and emotional wringer, an amazing love story of sacrifice and forgiveness, and the true power of love.....A TREASURE TO KEEP!!!!