Halfway to the Grave

Halfway to the Grave - Jeaniene Frost Cat is on a kill as many vampires as she can find. Cat is half vampire and half human, her father raped her mother and she was born. She didn't truly know about her special "gifts" until she was sixteen and her mother told her the truth about herself. One night on the vampire hunt, she becomes the hunted and being kidnapped by the most powerful vampire she has ever come across. They come to an agreement, he will train her to be a better vampire hunter and she will help him destroy other vampires, who he hunts as well. Bones is a seasoned vampire and has many abilities, he is currently a bounty hunter for his kind. When he comes across Cat, he knows she is unlike any human he has ever run across. Too sexy for her own good. When it becomes apparent that one fellow vampire is much harder to get, they know that they will have to work together to defeat him. Cat starts to question her own beliefs and standards, and Bones is the first person she has ever truly cared for with a desperation and he has shown her a road down desire and love, but will she be able to walk away when their mission is over or stand by his side?I have read this series before and just LOVED it! I have just found it to be sound thrilling and full of adventure, passion and danger. Cat and Bones are just classic characters-deeply woven in the story in such a way that takes your breath away. I love both of them. Cat is a bit insecure about who she is, but Bones is NOT! LOL He is fully aware of who he is and his capabilities. He has a alpha side, but he also is the kind that will stand by his woman. I love how protective he can be, and other times be sensitive (but in a good manly and alpha fashion). I love the pace of this story, never ending thrill one after another. I always find myself so entertained when I read this. There is also a complexity to their relationship that I always find so provoking at times. There is never a dull moment in this one, and I always am cracking up. I love the dry yet witty humor that definitely has me hooked and reeled in the story. Just a sexy adventure with a hero to die for and a story that will draw you into a adventure you will never forget. One that no one should miss out on!!!