Surrender to the Devil

Surrender to the Devil - Lorraine Heath Frannie Darling, having grown up on the streets with the Feagan boys, she stays away from men after a terrible incident that caused them all grief. Now she does the books for the Gentleman's club, she is also taking children off of the streets and placing them in a safe environment, most of them working for a devil of a man Sykes, who is ruthless with those that defy him. Knowing what these children have to go through, she builds a home for these children, where they have food, a roof over their heads, education and a loving and safe environment. So at Lucian and Catherine's wedding, she meets Sterling Mabry, the Duke of Greystone, who has her senses going off the wire, and sensations that she never thought she would ever be able to feel. Sterling Mabry, after returning home and assuming his position and taking responsibility, is all he see's, knowing he will never find the happiness his sister Catherine has found. But when he see's the beautiful Frannie Darling, who stirs up feelings inside of him that he never thought he would feel, but knows all he can offer her is a position in his bed. But never knowing that it was about to take him on a ride he never expected to enjoy, and to find a tender love that would brighten his bleak day to day life.

Surrender to the Devil by Lorraine Heath is the third installment in the Scoundrels of St James series. I truly loved reading Frannie's story, who is one of my favorites out of all the Feagan Children. Frannie, after one horrible night having her innocence taken away, finds healing after years, but her Feagan brothers and protectors have never forgotten, especially when she meets Sterling. But despite all their efforts, she finds herself falling for this handsome Duke, yet knowing she can never have him in the long term sense. Sterling at first seems cold and only holds feelings for his sister, caring for no one else. But after time passes, Frannie finds Sterling's inner character, who does care, especially about her, despite the way he attempts to hide it from her. But their tryst turns from all about to lust from a whole lot more than either of them expected to find. This was truly a remarkable love story, and Frannie and Sterling's story was sensational and had a emotional side to it, that left me fully satiated at the end. The plot was engaging, and the character came alive, with a heated passion that will surely heat up your windows. This was such a wonderful romance, and Lorraine Heath has done it again with Surrender to the Devil!