Worth Any Price

Worth Any Price - Lisa Kleypas Nick Gentry, most current mission is to find a missing lady, the man whom she is betrothed to is desperate to find her. But when Nick finally finds her (which wasn't that difficult ) but then he meets her and only desires to keep her for himself. Knowing that she is in desperate circumstances, he offers her a solution, to marry him and have protection from her fiancee whom she would rather die than be married to. So even though its not a ideal situation for Charlotte, she agrees knowing that both her and her family would be taken care of, is she agrees to marry Nick, and she would have protection from the one she despises and fears the most. The passion is awakened in Charlotte, a desire that she didn't know she had in her, and every fiber in her comes alive with his sensual touch. And knows that her heart is at risk, for she could very well fall in love with this sensual yet secretive man...Worth Any Price is the third and final installment in the Bow Street Runners series that Lisa Kleypas has created. Worth Any Price is Nick Gentry story, and after seeing him previously, I have definitely been looking forward to reading his story. Nick is a special hero, and one that is close to my heart, and one of my favorite characters that this author has created. He is a haunted and dangerous man, but there is a appeal about him, where you just want to comfort the man, for he has gone through many hardships throughout his life. Worth Any Price is a charming story about two people who deserve love and happiness having never been able to find it for themselves, but together will find the most exquisite pleasure and joy. From the first page I was drawn into the story and could hardly put it down and is captivating to the bone......I LOVED it!!!

My Favorite Quote
"You'll find life far more enjoyable as my wife," Gentry Continued " You won't be anyone's servant. You can do as you please within reasonable limits. And you won't have to fear Lord Radnor any longer. "
"All for the price of sleeping with you," She muttered. He smiled, all velvety arrogance, as he replied, "You may come to enjoy that part of it most of all."