The Conqueror

The Conqueror - Brenda Joyce Rolfe, a conquerer and a barbarian is ordered to take the Lady Alice as his wife and be the ruler over Castle Aelfgar, by his king. But when he first comes to the Castle Aelfgar he is stunned by Ceirdre, Alice's step sisters. With her beauty alone, is temptation enough for him, and refuses to give this beauty that he has found, up just because he knows he needs to marry her sister. But as time draws even nearer to the wedding, he starts to realize how much he is beginning to care for her, and how much he loves her and that he would risk betraying his own king to have her in his life and keep her for all time...The Conquerer is the first in the de Warenne series that is written by Brenda Joyce. At first the story starts out with the bonding between the two, Rolfe and Ceirdre is purely of a sexual nature, but as passion inflames them, there is a tender and powerful love that slowly builds throughout the whole story. The characters are deeply portrayed and teh story plot is engaging. I truly enjoyed reading this book, it was filled with so many aspects that I enjoy when reading Medieval romances, and seemed very vivid in detail. I am looking forward to reading the rest of the books in this series, as I have truly enjoyed reading each and everyone of Brenda Joyce's novels, may they only get better!!! A truly remarkable read!!!