Season of the Sun

Season of the Sun - Catherine Coulter Zarabeth, lives in York with her step father and her step brother and younger sister. Zarabeth has yet to find a spouse, due to the fact that her step father chases most of her suitors away, until a warrior viking comes into town and starts courting her and wanting to marry her. At first Zarabeth is shocked at Magnus at his bluntness at wanting her for his wife and lover, but is intrigued and knows that she wants him as well, because he stirs up her senses like none other has ever done before. But when her step father finds out her true feelings for Magnus, he forces her to betray him threatening to hurt someone she cares for, so she does it, not knowing another way out. But then he comes back and takes her back to Norway as his slave, instead of his wife as he had once planned, however things never seem to go as planned. And Magnus despite her betrayal of him, can't deny the desire that she rises within him, more so than any other woman ever has. However things at home only get more hectic once he brings her to his home, and things between the two defnitely get heated, which could only end up in love.I truly enjoyed Season of the Sun, although I never know when I read Coulter's book if I am going to be able to really enjoy them and immerse myself into the stories, but with this one, I had it read it just a few hours. Crazy I know, but when I like a book, I truly immerse myself and before I know it, its at "The End" part and I look at the time, and its just crazy how fast I can read once I get into a story. I just love Viking romances and this is at the top of my list. Although I thought that throughout the story that there was some things missing from the book. I don't want to spoil the book too much so I wont however share any details, but I thought that there seemed to be a few things in the relationship between these two that I had issues with. However overall it was a great romance read, well written, with vivid characters and a intriguing plot, so defnitely if you like Viking Historical Romances you definitely don't want to miss out on this one or this series!!