One Foot in the Grave

One Foot in the Grave - Jeaniene Frost Cat is now a agent for the government, leader of a team in hunting vampires. It has been four long years since she has seen Bones. Cat left Bones, with good intentions, wanting to protect him, and still after all of this time she still loves him deeply. But she also knows that they would never be able to have a future together. When she least expects it, he re appears back into her life, and she is shocked that he has found her. There is a part of her that is ecstatic beyond measure, but she knows how dangerous it is to have him in her life. But when it becomes clear that there is a price on her head, Bones is the only one that will be able to help. Being at his side though has certain consequences and she finds herself weakening against him, and before long she doesn't want to resist him any long. Cat realizes that they stand stronger together than they ever would apart, but only if Cat realizes that their love is strong enough to stand against any tide.I have just loved every book that has been written by this author. Its been quite some time since I have read One Foot in the Grave. As the second in the series, we see a continuation in Cat and Bones. The first one left off with Cat leaving Bones and starting a new life with a new identity and working for the government. I found Cat to be much stronger as a character in this one. I loved seeing the conflict and struggle between Cat and Bones, and I never liked how she left Bones in the first place. So I just adored seeing them get back together for good, and its always fun to see a intense plot unfold in such a fast paced way that makes you go to the edge of your seat. We still see the same sensuality and sexy intensity that comes along with Frosts writing. There is a certain way about her that she just captivates the reader instantly and makes it almost impossible to put it down. There is a sexy edge and a playful note to this story, a successful blend of romance, danger and intense emotion that will leave you thirsting for more. A Must read!!!