Untamed Fire

Untamed Fire - Donna Fletcher When a barefoot slip of a girl steals Don Cabrillo's prized horse, he is furious and wants to put her in her place as soon as he gets a hold of her. Rafael demands that Gabriella serve out her punishment as his mother's companion for six months at the hacienda and to obey his every command; Rafael not fully realizing how much she would turn his world or order into a world of Chaos and confusion. Gabriella, desperate to save her younger brother, borrows Senor Rafel's horse, never knowing how much trouble she would end up in. Gabriella is a free spirit but finds Rafael's way stifling and is determined to show him the meaning of Fun....even if it might kill her in the process...But when a mystery comes to haunt her and her past, with the help of Rafael, Gabriella learns to trust in Rafael and to learn the power of love....
Every time that I read Donna Fletcher I am astounded by how much I have enjoyed her stories, and Untamed Fire was surpisingly good considering I wasn't too enthusiastic when I first started...however from the first few pages I was utterly captivated by this magical story that stole its way into my heart. One of the things that I found unique about Untamed the circumstances surrounding this book. Its rare to find a setting which is in the early 1900's, and dealing with the Arisocracy from fact this is probably one of the few books that I have read dealing with any characters originating from Spain, so it was very refreshing. Untamed Fire produced many different aspects, but one that I really liked was how spirited the characters were. There were also many scenes that made me laugh and cry...Gaby was such a fun and endearing character with a zest for life, and I just liked her instantly.....she didn't have an obedient bone in her body and I loved how she stood up to Rafael, and showed him the meaning of the word 'fun'. Overall a fun and enjoyable romance, an excellent story line, endearing characters that will charm you and a love story that will sing to your heart. I can hardly wait for the next upcoming release sequel 'Renegade Love'.....