A Winter Scandal

A Winter Scandal - Candace Camp Thea is now at the age that is considered to be titled 'Spinster', and as the Vicar's sister has certain responsibilities. So when she attends a gathering, where she see's Gabriel Morecomb, a man whose tender kisses has haunted her all of these years. She is shocked and even hurt to discover that he doesn't even recognize her. Then she finds an abandoned baby in a manger at the nativity scene at the church, with the only idenitifying item, a brooch with a signia of Lord Gabriel Morecomb. So she is outraged to think that he has abandoned this innocent child, so enraged she storms into his home demanding that he takes responsibility for his actions. Then when certain truths come to light, she starts to become captivated by him once more and she finds herself falling in love with a rake.Whenever I have read a book by Candace Camp I have always enjoyed her stories and A Winter's Scandal is no different. I am always amazed by how well she writes and the way she makes the story and the characters come alive, and are so vividly portrayed. I just feel in love with Thea from the beginning, I really rooted for her when she confronts Gabriel directly and how much spunk she has. Gabriel is a very likeable character, and I liked him even more as the story progressed and we see beneath the surface...and little Matthew was too adorable to resist. Overall a fun and delightful read. It had many aspects that made it an entertaining read. Full of mystery, a tender romance, and a engaging plot. A story that will bring the magic of the Christmas season and true love to life....