Spellbound Falls

Spellbound Falls - Janet Chapman Olivia Baldwin, is barely making it, trying to make Inglewood Camp be successful, and saving up so she can own it herself one day. Then one day one of her co workers attempts to attack her, but then finds herself rescued by Mac, who finds himself very protective of Olivia, who needs his protection. Olivia is strongly attracted to Mac, but she doesn't know if she feels worthy enough to be with him. But when he kisses her, she stops thinking and only feels...Olivia also senses that there is something strange going on with Mac and his son. They aren't even close to normal, and there is something about Mac, that makes her want to run from him at times, because she senses a power about him. Mac, has recently discovered he has a son, and so he decided to come to Spellbound Falls, for some much needed bonding time with Henry. But then he meets Olivia, who intrigues him and even though he knows he could never truly love Olivia, he vows to unlock a hidden desire deep within Olivia, not knowing that he will find the love he thought he would never be able to have...
Spellbound Falls is the first in the most recent series by Janet Chapman. I have to say I can't believe I fell behind in this author. When I discovered this book in the library, I knew I just had to read it. Ever since I discovered this author, I have just loved the tender romances and witty humor found in her works, and now I have found another story that I have fallen in love with. Spellbound Falls is a bit different than her other books. It brings in what I would call "New Blood" where the hero is very powerful, royal and is from Atlantis, and is also known as a wizard. I really loved the way the story was put together, and it seemed a bit different than her other books. Spellbound Falls is a enchanting romance, filled with witty humor and a sense of fun and adventure. I loved the creativity and appealing story line that just draws you in instantly....A Magical Read!!!!