Darkfire Kiss

Darkfire Kiss - Deborah Cooke When challenge coins have been exchanged, Rafferty is now determined to be the one to destroy Magnus, once and for all. But when he meets Melissa Smith he is intrigued, but very suspicious of her. When he first meets her he catches her stealing, so he doubts her. But then when he realizes that she is his firestorm, he knows he must protect her. But then he starts to realize that his firestorm is far different than any other, because its where the 'Darkfire' is introduced. One which is prophesied to change everything. Even though Rafferty is unsure of Melissa, he also can't resist the passion that rises between them.... Darkfire Kiss is the sixth installment of the series, and even though it was a enjoyable one, it would probably be my least favorite of the series. I just was never fully able to really get into the story very well, at least not until the end. So I was a bit disappointed since I have been looking forward to Rafferty's story ever since I started reading the series. It didn't flow very smoothly, not like her other books, and I didn't enjoy it as much as the others. Overall though it was a comfortable read that one could relax with, and even I was a bit disappointed, I still enjoyed it, just not as much as the others that I have read so far. I am hoping the the next in the series I will enjoy more.