Kiss of Fire

Kiss of Fire - Deborah Cooke Sara Keegan, is a very logical personal and doesn't believe anything other than what she can physically see and touch. Despite the way her aunt tried to convince her otherwise, that she had special psychic gifts, all Sara desires is to run her bookstore. Then she meets Quinn, who is unlike any man she has ever met before. She knows that there is something about him that connects her to him. Sara knows what it is like to live a life of solitude. Quinn knows Sara is his firestorm, his future mate, and even though he is a loner, and mistrusts his own people, he trusts Sara, he knows that she is the one person that can understand him more than any other. Despite the danger that is circling around them, a strong passion sparks between Quinn and Sara, one that could melt ice. However there is Sara's true fate, one that he knows he must fully embraced the life he has tried to hide away from, so that he may be able to share his life with the one person he loves and intends to keep....Forever.
Kiss Of Fire is the first in the series, and I have found a new series that I have fallen in love with. After reading Kiss of Fury, I knew I had to read the first book, and I am so glad I was able to. Kiss Of Fire, was just as enticing as Kiss Of Fury. I really liked seeing the romance that develops between Quinn and Sara. There was something very precious about the way this story is written. I really enjoyed how the author creates a world of dragons, both good and evil dragons, and we see the makings of a war between the two, and meanwhile a development of a romance. I really enjoyed the way the author made the story flow so well, and her descriptions of the world that she creates. There is such a sense of magic and mystery about this series, and I truly enjoyed the unique quality of this story, and the way the author draws the reader in. A Well executed story filled with romance, passion, adventure, fun characters, and exciting plot....A Brilliant read!!!!!