Never Love a Highlander

Never Love a Highlander - Maya Banks Caelen, volunteers to marry in place of his brother, to Fionna the daughter of the Laird of the McDonald Clan. Caelen, even though he once was burned and doesn't try any woman, is captivated by his new wife. At first he tries to seperate himself from her and put restrictions on her and their marriage, however when he really lets himself see the real Fionna and finds that he starting to fall in love with the one woman that matches him in every way. But then a danger starts to creep up on them, one that only with their love for each other will they be able to defeat those enemies that only wish to destroy them both.
Never Love A Highlander is the third installment in the series and I think I almost loved this one as much as the previous book in the series. I just found Caelen so loveable and endearing even though he has a tough exterior on the outside there is a vulnerability in him that just charms this reader. Fionna is precious and has both a gentle side and a side of a warrior princess to protect all those that she loves. They both have pasts that are full of pain and loss however they both need love more than anything, and as events escalate between them so does a passion build until it explodes....I just loved this one, and I loved seeing the interaction between Fionna and Caelen and how there were moments full of wit and humor and there were also moments that will definitely make you cry if you find yourself lost in the story. Never Love A Highlander is full of passionate love scenes, a strong plot, a tender and fierce romance story, and full of everything one needs for a good and strong romance novel.