Kiss of Fate

Kiss of Fate - Deborah Cooke Erick Sorensson knows that his firestorm is close, because he can feeling the burning need to find her. Erick once had a firestorm, and at first it had been going well, he had a son. But then his son turned slayer on him, and he thought he had lost his mate. Erick knows that feeling the firestorm after all of these years, means his mate has been reincarnated. At first he doesn't want to give into this whirlwind of sensations again. Especially after losing so much before, but Eileen is so different. She is passionate, full of life and courage, and fights for those she cares about. Eileen, lately has been having some strange dreams, of a man who is a dragon but who is also her lover. Then the dream man becomes real, and her dreams change, as if she is seeing into the life of another person. Eileen gets thrust into a world of danger and intrigue, where dragons are real and very dangerous, and her life is constantly in danger. What shocks her is that the one dragon that has become her shadow, is her mate, and shows her passion and finding true love when you least expect it.
Kiss of Fate is the third in the series. After reading the majority of the series so far, I was feeling antsy wanting to read Erick's story. Erick is just "Sigh" seductively sexy, and is one of my all time heroes. He is very protective, enough alpha in him to satisfy any woman, but not too much to drive a woman nuts. I found him to be 'delectable' at times. Eileen was such a fun character to read. Even though a bit predictable, I enjoyed the little surprises here and there, and I just truly enjoyed seeing what inner strength and character she had. Even though there were times that their story was a bit on the predictable side, but I loved the flair and the suspense that kept the story rolling and keeps the reader engaged. There was also a few side stories that I found just thrilling to read. I really liked the chemistry between Erick and Eileen, but I also enjoyed the love story that is so did bring a few tears to my eyes. But at other times I was just laughing with the witty rapatoire that this author displays throughout the story. I found Kiss of Fate to be a lovely addition to the story, and top of the list of favorites for me. A truly compelling read that will capture the heart of every reader who enjoys a captivating romance, thrilling plot, and sexy characters.

My Favorite Quote
It made Eileen feel powerful that she could incite desire in this man who such capabilities, who had lived so long and undoubtedly seen so many women. She was glad that he saw no need to change her, just accepted her as she was. Wanted her as she was. She liked that he was tough but vulnerable, and that he trusted her enough to let her glimpse his old wounds. She appreciated that he still gave her the choice, that he didn't just take what he wanted.
It means that she would give him more.