Whisper Kiss

Whisper Kiss - Deborah Cooke Niall is determined to destroy his twin brother and the rest of the shadow dragons who threaten everything they hold dear. But he is also in charge of training a new Pyr, who even though has lived quite a long time, has no talent whatsoever and has no idea how he has survived so long. But through him meets his firestorm, who already knows about the Pyr. Rox, has forgotten her past and has built a life for herself. She is a tattoo artist, and a very talented one at that. When she meets Niall, there is a sizzling chemistry between them, and before she realizes it she is drawn into Niall's world. A world full of excitement, intrigue and danger. A danger that could destroy both herself and Niall and the rest of the Pyr...Whisper Kiss is the fifth installment in the series, and I just keep falling in love with each and every one of these books that I have been able to read. I thought that Whisper Kiss has a level of its own uniqueness, I really enjoyed seeing the interaction between Niall and Rox. Rox I fell in love with immediately, (even though I am not the biggest fan of tattoo's) I really loved her attitude and how she sets Niall straight on some things. She has got fire and spirit and is a very endearing character. Niall is just sexy, plain and simple. One can't help but fall in love with a man who is so willing to fight for those he loves. Overall a fun and irresistable read that will romance you from beginning to end.