Vixen in Velvet

Vixen in Velvet - Loretta Chase Originally Posted At Addicted To Romance

3.5 Rating
Leonie along with her two sisters, own and run a dressmaker shop. A shop that is becoming more renown for its unique yet classy style. Leonie, is a businesswoman, and the shop is her top priority. While at a art show, she bumps into the Marquess of Lisburne. Simon, is fascinated with Leonie, and from the moment she bumps into him, he is intrigued by this beautiful dressmaker that has a elegance and grace. Amidst their interaction, Leonie and Simon make a bet about Leonie's current project, making a Lady Gladys (Simon's cousin) into a beauty of the Ton. A passion erupts between Simon and Leonie, and soon Leonie might have to make a difficult choice: the man she loves or the shop she has devoted everything she is to. Will Leonie be able to find her happy ending as her sisters have?

Vixen in Velvet is the third book in the Dressmakers series, and I have been looking to read this book for quite some time. Before reading this, I was really excited to try it out, since I have really enjoyed the previous books by this author. However I felt myself a little disappointed with this one. The beginning of the story was engaging and flirty and fun, and then about halfway I started to lose interest in the story. I don't know if it was the book itself or me, but I had a little hardship sticking with the story. I felt like the story just deflated a bit and it took me longer to read this than it normally would.

There were some things that I did enjoy about the story. I really like the instant spark between Leonie and Simon. It really moved the story along in the beginning, and engages the reader and pulls you in. Leonie and Simon are a solid match for each other. Simon isn't your average Marquess. From the start we see his genuine affection for Leonie, and he isn't your run of a mill rake. From the start, we see how even though he would love to have Leonie in his bed, that he has honor. I loved how he is with Leonie and her work. We see some small involvement from the two sisters, but not very much since both of them are settled and married now. This story is a bit sad at times, we see how much Leonie is putting in to the store, and the only sister running it. I loved Leonie, her strength and stubbornness and tenacity to get work done. She was very easy to relate with. The plot was solid and steady but I felt like the emotional connection was a bit off in the later half. I think if it had been the same level as the beginning of the story, it would have been more fun. It does have its moment, and there are quite a few scenes full of wit and playfulness.

Overall a enjoyable regency romance, with scenes to make you laugh, and a slow and steady romance that is guaranteed to give you that lighthearted feeling. Entertaining and delightful!!!