When Harry Met Molly

When Harry Met Molly - Kieran Kramer Lord Harry is enjoying his contented life of pleasure and not having the pressure of getting married and living up to the obligation of family. When Harry is named by "Prinny" as one of society's Impossible Bachelors, he is then drawn into a wager, forced by the Prince Regent himself, to have the most Delectable Companion, and whoever wins the title gets to remain unmarried. Lady Molly, planned on going to Gretna Green to get married, because she has no other alternative other than be a spinster, but then at the Inn on their way to Scotland...he abandons her with Harry's (childhood foe) mistress. Harry then convinces her since they were both abandoned, that she become his fake mistress and if they win then he will aid her in finding a husband in London. But what begins as a silly wager turned into a love affair that may lead to a happily ever after for the both of them....When Harry Met Molly is the first in this series by Kieran Kramer. This is the first that I have read from this author, and I just love discovering new authors. I did acquire this book at the library, and I am so glad that I did. At first it was a little challenging to get into the book, but once I had read a few chapters I was totally enthralled by the story, that I had a hard time pulling away. There was such a fun and carefree feeling to this book. The characters were delightful, sparring and playful but from the very beginning you can tell there is a connection between them. Overall a Delicious and adorable delight!!!!

My Favorite Quote
Molly could hardly breathe when Harry put his lips on hers. He pressed her back against the door to her bedchamber, sliding his hands up the door to pin her between his arms. It was a delicious trap she had no desire to escape.