Lady Sophie's Christmas Wish (Windham, #4)

Lady Sophie's Christmas Wish (Windham, #4) - Grace Burrowes Sophie Windham has found a few days to herself before her brothers come. Then she finds herself with a abandoned baby, whose mother just up and left him. So its up to her to care for him. But there is one catch...she has no clue how to take care for a baby? What is she to do? But then she is saved by Vim Carpentier. When Vim see's a lone woman lookiug more lost than ever taking care of a child, he offers his services. What he doesn't know is that one night helping Sophie will turn into days, and he won't be able to stop himself from being captivated by her beauty and sweet spirit. Even though her brothers interrupt his plans, he knows what he wants..but how much is he willing to fight for her?Even though this story is a Christmas themed, this is the type of story that can be read any time of the year. Even though there is a part of me that wished that I had read this one a couple of months ago. However I found myself truly enjoying this story, and once I started reading and getting into the plot, I was very into it and I had a difficult time putting it down. The way Grace Burrowes weaves a story is remarkable, I loved her descriptions that made the scenes come alive in the readers mind. It was so fun to see Sophie and Vin interact with each other, and I enjoyed having a infant as part of the story, it definitely livened things up. I found Lady Sophia's Christmas Wish a entertaining read, that fully engages the reader with sharp witty humor, and a fun and sexy plot, and lets be honest who can resist a man who is able to handle himself changing a diaper or feeding a baby? A Sensational read and I would recommend it to any lover of historical romance or even just romance in general.