Princess in Love

Princess in Love - Julianne MacLean Princess Rose has been in love with Leopold Hunt all of her life. But then two years ago he rejected her and hurt her more than she thought possible. Now she is engaged to another man, whom she may not love, but she knows they will make a good match. When her carriage suffers a accident in England, she is shocked when the marquess himself comes to rescue her. Face to face with Leopold has stirred up all of her old feelings that she once thought were buried. Leopold, knows he made a mistake with Rose those years ago, but now is free from his father's manipulations to pursue his true desires....which lie in a future with Rose. Now all he has to do is convince her how sincere he is this time around, and prove to her of his love and his devotion. Princess In Love is the second in this trilogy. I found myself really enjoying this one, although I did like Rose, I think I enjoyed Leopold even more. We see such strength from him, and I just love seeing how hard he tries to prove himself to Rose. I found him very endearing at various times. Leopold is a very striking characters, that just makes you want to cheer him on. I think Rose could have been more self aware, she seemed to me to be a bit spineless at times. But I did grow to like her, especially at the end. This story is divided into four parts and I just loved how this story was put together. Even though there were parts that I questioned "Why???" I definitely found it to be a sensual and witty read that keeps the reader engaged. I loved the depth of emotion that is portrayed through to the reader. Again Julianne Maclean delivers a compelling love story that will knock your socks off!!