Atlantis Awakening

Atlantis Awakening - Alyssa Day, Joshua Swanson After I was able to read the first book in the series, I was instantly hooked. So I bought Atlantis Awakening through Audible. After listening to the second in the series, I know that I am going to love this series. I have always loved mythology, and the way that Alyssa Day has mixed paranormal with Greek mythology and some spicy romance, absolutely draws in the reader. The story is about the younger brother on Conlin, Lord Vengeance. Ven has always had the priority of protecting his brother at any cost. But on a mission, he encounter a witch who is in trouble, and saves her from being kidnapped. Erin is a gem singer, and a powerful witch, and joins forces with Ven. At first its a job, but then a sizzling passion erupts, and a powerful connection binds them stronger together, a bond that connects their souls. Erin never imagined that when she met Ven her life would change forever. But there is a powerful vampire rising up, a vampire that could destroy everything they hold dear.

Atantis Awakening is the second installment in the Warriors of Poseidon series. Since its a audio book it took a bit longer than normal to get through it, but a part of me just didn't want the story to end. I loved Ven and Erin together. They were practically explosive together. You put a powerful warrior of Poseidon and a powerful witch, and there tends to be some fireworks. Ven is the type of hero you want in your life. Sexy, powerful, passionate and willing to fight for the woman he loves. Erin is no fainting flower herself. Erin is more powerful than she realizes. In the beginning I wasn't sure how much I would like her, but once the story started to develop more, she grew on me. The relationship that forms between Ven and Erin is intense at times. I love a alpha male and a feisty heroine. They are constantly bickering, and it was very amusing, and quite hilarious at times. These two together were golden, and I loved the way they sparked whenever they were near each other.

Overall I couldn't help but fall in love with Atlantis Awakening, and I think it was just as good as the first one. It did leave a bit of a cliffhanger a bit, and I don't want to spoil anything for those that haven't had a chance to read this series yet. However I really enjoyed seeing this couple be together, and there was definitely some intensity mixed with-quite a few action packed scenes that gets the blood boiling and is guaranteed to keep you at the edge of your seat. The love story between Ven and Erin was romantic and sensual and riveting. Alyssa Day is a master in her stories that enthrall her readers into a world of magic, sensuality and beautifully written love stories. CAPTIVATING!!!