Be My Prince

Be My Prince - Julianne MacLean Alexandra, after learning about her true past, she has learned of her true destiny. So out of duty and obligation she sets her sights on Prince Randolph. Even though he is attractive and charming, he is not the brother she is attracted to, because she is drawn to his brother Nicholas. A man who stirs up her senses like no other man has. Even though she knows there is no future for them, she can't help but tremble with his kiss he gives her. Alexandra, knows she must focus on Prince Randolph, knowing that he is part of her destiny. But then she will have to make a choice, a difficult one, decide what is more important her duty to country or to fight for a life with Nicholas? I skipped part of the review layout this time due to the fact that I don't want to reveal any spoilers for those that haven't had the chance to read it. Before I got my hands on this one, I had heard many good things about this new series by Juilianne Maclean. I have just loved her books so far, she is such a captivating author, that draws a reader instantly into a book. Its rare for me to instantly be drawn into the story so immediately. I just loved everything about this one. At times I get nervous over reading royalty fiction. It can be hard to get into at times. However I found this one to be very refreshing at every turn. There was a intriguing plot, where it seemed to me like there was more than one climax. I really loved the variety of scenes that happen, and when you think you have seen the HEA, the story keeps continuing on and is very engaging and keeps the reader involved continually in the story. The characters seemed full of life, fresh like newly picked flowers. I loved both the hero and heroine in this one, however I think for the latter half of the story I was on Alex's side of things to be honest. Although I did enjoy how things really work out in the end, despite the obvious game of lies and deceit. However we also see two people learning how to truly love and trust in each other I am also looking forward to reading more of this series. It definitely was a exciting adventure reading this one and am looking forward to more!

My Favorite Quote
"I burn for you, Alex. I want you in my bed every second of the day, and there are moments I want to throw my whole heart and soul into yours."