Dark Lover

Dark Lover - Brenda Joyce Ian MacLean, is son of a Master and even though e could also be one, is too biter to want to be one, and only cares about power and money. Then he meets Samantha Rose, who is more determined to find the page from the Book of Power. Samantha is beautiful and used to leading men on a string and being in control of every situation. However when it comes to Ian MacLean, its a whole different ball game. Samantha knows that she is out of her element, when she is faced with Ian, who is a bitter man with a painful past, and desires to do everything in her power to heal is heart and face his demons....Together!!!

Dark Lover is the most recently released book in the Masters of Time series, and the last one in the Rose Trilogy. However it wasn't until halfway through the story that I started enjoying it. Out of all the books of the series that I have read, its my least favorite. I think Ian is my least character, the beginning of the story bordered on erotica, however once it got a little more than halfway through it got more into the romance element that I enjoy reading. But there were some intense elements and a powerful story that is steeped in action and romance..