The Prize

The Prize - Brenda Joyce Virginia Hughes, was raised on a plantation, the "Sweet Briar" a place that she treasures greatly. But then her parents die, and her guardian, a uncle that lives in England, has her go to a girls school until she is eighteen. Now she has recently turned eighteen and is eager to return to her home, however she is then informed that her uncle wants her to stay there another three years, so Virginia decides to leave the place and go to her uncle in England for help in getting her plantation back for her, since it is her inheritance and she knows everything in order to run it. However on the way to England, she gets taken prisoner by Captain Devlin O'Neill, who is bent on revenge against her uncle and is determined to use her in the process. However what neither Virginia or Devlin realized was how strong the desire that they feel for each other grows into a consuming passion, one that could very well change their lives forever...The Prize is the sixth installment in the de Warrene Dynasty series that Brenda Joyce has created. I have recently fallen in love with this author and her stories, and The Prize was no different, and I fell in love with the characters from the very beginning. Both were endearing and so likable throughout the whole of the story. There were parts of the story where I felt that Devlin was a bit too hard of a character, however the emotions that were portrayed by the characters felt so vividly real, and made the story come alive even more. The Prize is such a emotionally charged story that will pull at your heartstrings with every chapter. I am very much looking forward to reading the rest of this series, and The Prize definitely was filled with everything that I just adore in a historical romance....passion, adventure, intrigue and a powerful love....FANTASTICALLY WRITTEN!!!