A Lady Never Tells

A Lady Never Tells - Candace Camp After Mary's mother dies and she and her three sisters are left with their stepfather who wants to sell them, she takes herself and her sisters to seek refuge from their grandfather who is a Earl in England. Upon arriving however things are not what they expect, finding out their grandfather has passed away and they need to seek refuge from a cousin who is the current Earl of Stewkesbury. At first Mary is reluctant to do all that is required, to accept everything that are given to them because of their connection to the Earl. However she knows that she needs to do what is best for her and her sisters and their future. Sir Royce Winslow, when first seeing Mary and her sisters is very doubtful of their true identity, for they are a bit wild and nothing like any ladies he has ever met before. When the true identity is confirmed he is around Mary more and more, and he feels a pulling force toward Mary and her fiery spirit. But when danger comes lurking around the sisters, Royce is more protective of Mary than ever, and as desire sparks between Royce and Mary so does Love, and even though he has never wanted marriage before now he realizes that he does with only One woman...Its been quite some time since I have read Candace Camp, and so when I read the blurb on A Lady Never Tells I knew I just had to read it, and the cover definitely drew me in. A Lady Never Tells is the first installment of one of her more recent series, and I think from the first page I just fell in love with each and every one of the characters. Especially the sisters, they were charming and made me wish I had such sisters, that way I would never ever be bored. Even though I haven't read many books from this author, I always enjoy her stories, and they always tend to make me fall madly in love with plot and characters. One of my favorite things about A Lady Never Tells is how delectable it was, the characters beyond endearing and the plot utterly delightful!!! Just LOVED It!!!