Roses After Rain

Roses After Rain - Cassie Edwards Thalia had little choice but to get on a ship sailing for Australia where she could find a job or even a husband. Leaving her younger sister in England until she has money to send for her, she plans on starting a new life for herself. When she arrives she ends up in the water with sharks surounding her, and when she believes that dead is imminent, a stranger saves her life...Ian Lavery. Thalia is instantly drawn to Ian but she wonders if he is as attracted to her as she is to him. So at first she goes to live in a home for newly arrived women, but then a man named Paul Hathaway who claims he wants to marry her. When he takes her ot his home, he claims that he wants her to pretend that they are married, or harm may come to her sister. So knowing that she is her sisters only hope, she goes about with the pretense. When Ian comes to her, wanting to rescue her, she resists him in the beginning. But his tender caresses only inflame her more which then turns into a intense love that she knows she can never have. When the danger to Ian and Thalia escalates it will take them both trusting in each other to survive the storm that is ahead.
Its been a little while since I have been able to read from this author. In the past all of the books that I have read from this author have been with native american's, so it was very neat to have a different setting. I received this through the open library online. My own public library has very few books by this author, so I was thrilled to have the opportunity to read this one. I absolutely adored this book. There was such a strong connection instantly between Ian and Thalia, I also enjoy the kind of story line that was in play here. I have always enjoyed a good historical that involved Australia. There was such excitement and adventure that was put into this story, it almost felt like I was there. The descriptions of the surrounding and the characters were done in a way that totally had me hooked from beginning to the end. It was very easy to fall in love with this story, and only took a few paragraphs into the story before I got hooked. There was also such a gentle way that Ian was with Thalia. He wasn't fully over the top alpha male type. He was tough and gritty but also was very tender and sweet at times with Thalia. Thalia at first lives in fear and doesn't have much of a backbone, but eventually it does kick in and I came to the point where I admired her. She turned out to be feisty and spirited and protective, and I loved how well this story was written and the way things turn out in the end. It was very emotional and at times I was almost crying it was so intense at different times. A lovely story that is full of sensual passion, sexy hero, and a roller coaster of a read. I would fully recommend this to anyone that enjoys a strong historical romance!! OUTSTANDING!

Favorite Quote
"So be it," Ian said, grabbing her roughly into his arms, his insides melting as her breasts crushed against his chest. "I'll return you to your husband." He wove his fingers through her hair and drew her lips cloase. "But I have something to give you first. When you are in your husband's arms, think of this!"
His mouth seized her in a hard, long kiss, his tongue probing her lips apart.