Lyon's Bride

Lyon's Bride - Cathy Maxwell Thea Martin, after struggling for years to make by after losing her husband, has managed a almost profitable business as a matchmaker, saving her earnings for her son's schooling. Then she is informed that Lord Lyon is looking for her for her matchmaking abilities because he desperately needs a wife. Once, many years ago Thea and Neal were close friends as children, but then Neal one day just abandoned Thea, and they hadn't seen each other since; until now. Neal, needs a wife, one he could never love or care for, just one to tolerate and someone to give him children. His family suffers from a curse, where all the men will die if they fall in love, so he is determined to make sure he never does so. However upon seeing Thea again, he is overwhelmed with feelings of desire for her. Only as Thea finds suitable matches for him, his only thoughts are for her and before he knows it he knows he is in love with her, only, will he be able to make the right decision, Marry her and risking dying but having a chance of a few months of love and warmth in his life, or marrying someone else and live a lonely and desolate life?
Lyon's Bride is the first installment in Cathy Maxwell most recent series: The Chattan Curse. Lyon's Bride, we see the start of this amazingly fun and exciting story, about three siblings, and in Lyon's Bride Maxwell starts with Neal, who would make any woman sucuumb to his charms. He is sexy, intelligent, and willing to fight for those he loves, who could resist? Then we have the heroine Thea, who doesn't believe in the unseen like some old curse, she just believes its superstition in the beginning, and it was amusing to watch Neal convince her otherwise. I also loved the interaction between Neal and Thea's two sons, it was tearjerking at times. The whole story overall was very emotionally provoking, it had elements through the whole story, that would bring a tear to one's eye, and then a sparkle of laughter in another moment. It definitely was full of passioin, witty humor, exciting plot that keeps the reader entertained to say the least. Overall a very well written story that engages the reader at every turn!!!! Loved Every Moment!!!