Scandalous Again

Scandalous Again - Christina Dodd When Madeline de Lacy, the Duchess of Magnuss, hears that her gambling father has lost her in a game to a complete stranger. So Madeline comes up with a plan in hopes of refurbishing the family fortune that her father has willingly given away. So she switches places with her cousin and companion Eleanor so she can go and pretend to be a humble and meek servant. So she goes into the home of a notorious gambler, and is taken on as companion and lady's maid to a young girl that is going through her first season. That's when she comes across Gabriel, and things are only bound to get worse with these two in close proximity. Gabriel is shocked to see Madeline once more in his life after she broke his heart, and its been four years since the have seen each other, and the passion between them burns bright once more, and their love is rekindled...

Scandalous Again is part of the duo series Trading Places by Christina Dodd. I haven't read many books by this author, but each time I do, it seems I fall in love with each story that I read. Scandalous Again definitely is what the title implies full of passion and desire that has never died out. Madeline and Gabriel were once in love with each other but also shared a deep passion. Now after four years, their desire has come alive again with dangerous circumstances surrounding them Now they must learn to fully trust in one another to survive and have the happily ever after they never thought was possible. Such a sensual read and I fell heads over heels in love with the characters who were charming and the story such a enchanting story. I can hardly wait to read the sequel to the story. A romance you don't want to miss out on.