Autumn's Flame

Autumn's Flame - Denise Domning After a unhappy marriage, her husband is dead and it is up to her to take care of her son. Her son has always been sickly, and for that she has always kept her close to her side, and not have him be a squire. But then Geoffrey, who takes charge, has her son taken away from her (knowing that her son is deceiving her and is no more sickly than he is) and her hatred for him only grows with each passing minute. The law is on his side, and she is at a loss as to what to do now, but then one kiss awakens a mutual passion between them. Despite her negative feelings toward him, there is a love that she is starting to feel for him and doesn't know if she can resist him, and only a deep desire to keep him at all costs...Autumn's Flame is the fourth in the related series written by Denise Domning even though it was the kind of book you can enjoy reading, its not the type of book that will keep you enthralled throughout the whole of it. For me I would call it more of a average type of written book, and even though the romance and the connection between the characters was there, I found at times it was hard to keep focused on the story and was distracted. There was a element that I enjoyed which was the verbal sparring between the two main characters that left me grinning, definitely heats the blood. However even though there were parts of the story that I did enjoy, it didn't get me to the point where I would want to read it again. But it was a nice romance story with some fiery verbal interaction, and the level of romance to suit a reader, but there wasn't consistency through out it all. For me, it was more of a average written story with both good and bad in it, but overall a good story and I liked it.