Thief of Shadows

Thief of Shadows - Elizabeth Hoyt Winter Makespeace, lives a double life, one life during the daylight where he is the manager of Home for lost children of St. Giles, and the other life during the moonlit night, where he goes out looking for the innocent children, but his life becomes threatened when Lady Isabel shows up on the scene. Isabel, is charged by the committee to polish Winter Makepeace and if she is unable to he will be replaced. After seeing the way he cares about the children, she knows its his life's work, and she is willing to do whatever it takes to make him see reason. However Winter is more stubborn than she gave his credit for, and she knows it will take all her iron will to match his stubborness. But when a danger lurks to threaten their future, only their love for each other will see them through to the end....Elizabeth Hoyt is one of my favorite authors, I recently discovered her last year, and ever since have just felt charmed by her love stories, and Thief of Shadows was no different. In previous books we have seen Winter and I was thrilled to have the chance to read his story....Winter is both complicated and simple at times. He is a charmer among the ladies, very stubborn and protective over his charges, and has dedicated his life to them even over love and marriage. Isabel is a perfect match for Winter, because she is the only woman that could ever bring him up to scratch. Thief Of Shadows was a beauitfully written story, which was a wonderful mix of romance, mystery, passion, and an exciting plot that will definitely keep the reader on their toes. I think what I loved the most about this book, was how wonderfully woven the characters were sewn into the story, one can't help but be endeared by them. A Charming Love Story!!!!